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First of all, completely hooked on Kimbra!

second..without divulging too much, this sums up a lot of life for me…at least certain parts of it!

I’ll have an update of substance soon, lots of stuff going on…getting ready to move out of the country at the end of the month! eep!

ok, despite everything else…there was need for a celebratory drink this evening.

MY WORKING HOLIDAY VISA WAS APPROVED TONIGHT!!!!  I will be living in New Zealand for a year!

I still have to raise funds, so check the link a couple posts back and help me out (sorry…lil tipsy at the mo).  OMG I WILL BE LIVING IN NZ FOR A YEAR!!!!

Good times for a change

Ok kids,  I’m not very good at Tumblr…I don’t have a ton of followers…but I’m a bit desperate.  I’m convinced this is a year of change for me…however, it’s started with some bumps in the road.

My relationship is crumbling, I’m being asked to move out in less than 2 months, not only that my job is in limbo/non existent due to stupid stuff.

Now, long story short…I needed an escape, and due to someone who I hold extremely dear to my heart, I was offered an escape to New Zealand for 2 weeks…I go back home tomorrow…and am quite sad :(  it’s the most amazing place ever,  much calmer and relaxed everywhere.

Anyway, a couple months ago I dropped mention that I might be thinking of working in NZ for a year….well, I’m deciding to go for it!  Thing is, I have to apply before I turn 31 (which is March 1st).

Now, in order to do this…I have to have so much money in my account…due to circumstances at home, I have not been able to save so I’m reaching out to the kindness of others.

help me with this amazing opportunity!  spread this around, etc.  I will be eternally grateful!!!  

Life is in a huge upheaval for me, I may or may not go into full detail.

However, I may be applying to work in a different country as a result…if not just visit for a few weeks to get away (working for a year would be the ultimate goal, but it depends on if I can get money from my family to help with the application…considering my mum is not the greatest with money and is dealing with cancer treatments…not so sure)

Aside from that, I’m looking into going back to school to be a teacher.  One thing working at my current, very part time, job has taught me…is that I actually enjoy teaching.

All I know is my life is in need of a serious turn around….living the way I am isn’t cutting it anymore.

I can still act, hell maybe I’ll go somewhere with it…but I also need to do something more.

I hate living on ramen….

Apparently some new fans of Doctor Who are calling themselves “Dweeks”, not “Whovians”. I think we need to remedy this. Reblog if you call yourself a WHOVIAN.















Apparently, others are calling themselves “Whoonies”. BUT I AM A WHOVIAN, AND I AM FUCKING PROUD OF IT.

Dweeks. That sounds like Gleeks.



I agree it sounds like Gleeks, it’s just inappropriate.

Dweeks just sounds odd.

New to doctor who, but I am a prou whovian thank you very much!

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